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Bringing Beauty & Function Back to Your Furniture through Repair, Refinishing & Restoration

Do you have a piece of furniture or cabinetry – or an entire set or room – that’s looking dated or worn? Before you spend hard-earned money on replacement, find out how we can do better with restoration, refinishing or repair. We’re committed to helping you avoid unnecessary expenses by focusing on bringing glory back to the pieces you already own.

kitchen cabinet refinishing

Affordable Kitchen
Upgrades & Finishing

Thinking about a full kitchen remodel? In today’s housing market, kitchen envy is real indeed. But you don’t necessarily have to go all out on a full-scale kitchen remodel and incur all the expenses and inconvenience associated with it. What if the kitchen you desire is right in front of you, just in need of some TLC?

Our kitchen upgrades and kitchen refinishing projects focus delivering the best value at the highest quality results for you. We can refinish your kitchen cabinets for a modern, upgraded look and feel. New colours, door/surface refacing and wood refinishing are a practical way to transform your kitchen. Talk to us about how we can give your kitchen an updated appearance at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel.

Restoring Antique Furniture
Preserving Its
Look & Feel

Restored Antique Wooden Table

furniture frame repairs

Extend the Life of
Dining Tables & More

Looking for a new dining table set? The question we always start with is, what is it about your current dining room that you like and don’t like? You might, in fact, have a solid set of dining room table and chairs with plenty of life left, just in need of some essential repairs to the frame and components, and maybe a quality refinishing or resurfacing.

We’ll work with you to plan the desired outcome you have in mind for your dining room, then we’ll get to work on restoring, refinishing and/or resurfacing your dining room table, chairs, hutch, cabinetry and more. Our experience with dining room furniture means you’re getting quality results that will extend the life of your existing dining room pieces.

Leather & Upholstery

Does your leather or upholstery look worn? Is it ripped or torn? Before you buy a whole new piece of collection, talk to us about how we can repair and restore your leather or upholstery and make your existing furniture look practically new again!


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