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Antique wooden furniture, including a chair, a bed-side table, and a wooden chest


Antique Furniture
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Those of us who own antique furniture love the genre for the eras it invokes, for the stories it holds, and for the quality and aesthetics it brings to our homes or other spaces. Antique furniture, however, can lose its lustre over time, even falling into various states of disrepair. Whether you have a valuable piece of antique furniture that you’re looking to sell, or you have antiques in your home furniture collection that need some TLC, we’re here to help. Our antique furniture repair, refinishing and restoration in Ottawa will bring life back to your pieces.

Restore Your Antiques to Their Former Glory

Got an antique table, cabinet, chair or other piece of furniture that’s looking worn and not functioning as it should? Count on our skills and experience in antique furniture repair, refinishing and restoration to get that piece or set of antique furniture back up to par!


Antique Refinishing,
Resurfacing & Other

From painting and refinishing to repair and restoration, we apply our knowledge, skills and experience as antique furniture specialists in Ottawa to deliver quality results.

Have a piece that’s been damaged, even from water or fire? We can help bring it back to life. Got antique furniture that’s become worn or dim-looking over time? Count on the specialists at Berube to restore, refinish and/or repair it to produce superior results. No job is too tough for us. Talk to our Ottawa antique furniture restoration specialists today about how we can help.

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frequently asked questions

To understand the potential value of your antique furniture, you should try to find similar antique furniture styles and their value. Once you have a rough idea of your antique furniture’s value from searching on the internet, we recommend to have the piece professionally appraised.
Dusting with a soft brush is the best way to regularly clean and maintain your antique furniture. Do your best to avoid using wet cleaning methods for your antique pieces as this can cause expanding of the wood and could compromise the structural integrity of your already delicate antique furniture piece. If you feel the need to use a wet cloth, make sure to gently dab and use distilled water.
Unless done by professionals, amateur antique furniture restoration will most often diminish the value of your antique furniture pieces. Especially if there is serious structural damage, you should leave it to pros.
Antique furniture refinishing, resurfacing, and restoration take experience in handling delicate types of furniture with incredibly intricate and unique designs. With the proper experience, knowledge, and equipment, a professional antique furniture repair service can prolong the life of your piece, can improve the structural integrity, and can sometimes even increase the value of your antique furniture piece.
If the antique furniture piece in question does not get regularly used and its being stored, we recommend using old sheets and blankets to cover the pieces in order to protect them from dust and moisture build-up.

If you’ve come to own an antique furniture piece, there are many options for what you can do with it. Depending on the structural integrity of the furniture piece, you can consider whether or not you want to get it professionally restored.

You can continue to use the antique furniture piece or store it for future use. You can sell the piece or hope to increase the value by selling it in the future. If you plan on selling your antique furniture, you can either find a reputable auction house or sell it on consignment. If you have no use for the antique furniture piece, there are lots of charities and art centres that would accept furniture donations.