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An antique couch that needs restoration after a fire burned down the living room


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There is little in life that parallels the hardship of experiencing a fire in your home. From the trauma of having to escape injury to the shock and spectre of losing your life’s possessions – not to mention having to seek shelter in the interim – fire is an event that throws people into a state of confusion.

Among the items on your list after are fire are determining what can be salvaged. If you have quality furniture or fixtures that have been damaged from fire, we are here to help with assessing what can be repaired or restored, then getting to work to bring tables, chairs, sofas, cabinetry and other fixtures back to life from fire and smoke damage.


Ottawa Fire Damage
Repairs to Furniture, Kitchens & More

Whether you have incurred fire or smoke damage to one room / section of the home or to the entire structure, we can help assess and repair/restore furniture and fixtures that have been damaged by fire. We have experience with jobs as small as a few pieces of seating – to large swaths of hardwood flooring, molding and kitchen cabinetry restoration.

We know that the last thing you want is a reminder of the fire. That’s why we work tirelessly to restore your furniture and fixtures to the fullest extent possible, aiming to eliminate both the visual remnants of fire as well as the smell of smoke. Talk to Berube today about how we can help with fire restoration and repair of furniture and fixtures.

Completely burnt kitchen that suffered serious fire damage and needs to be restored
fire damaged furniture that can be restored

Fire Damaged Furniture Restoration

Repairing Furniture & Cabinets Damaged By Fire

Your home and furniture have practical and sentimental value – don’t let fire damage take that away. At Berube Furniture Repair we have years of experience with fire damage repairs. Our team works quickly and efficiently to restore your furniture to its original state. With all of the stress that comes with house fires, leave the furniture repair and restoration to us.

Recovering from a house fire is difficult, especially when you are reminded of it every day by fire and smoke damage to your furniture. Trust Berube to take excellent care in restoring your furniture and helping you move forward. Whether it’s fire damage to chairs, tables, and sofas, or cabinetry, hardwood flooring, molding, and fixtures, we are here to provide you with quality repairs and restoration. Contact us for a free quote and inspection of your furniture piece!

frequently asked questions

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should try to restore your fire-damaged furniture, it’s important to consider the sentimental value that the piece of furniture has. If it’s a one-of-a-kind antique or furniture that’s been passed down for generations, then it might be worth trying to restore it professionally. The amount of damage done to the piece of furniture will ultimately determine whether or not it can or should be restored.

For things like cabinetry, decorative millwork, and even wood flooring, trying to restore the fire-damaged areas can be much more cost-effective than completely replacing them. Contact Berube Workshop today to get a professional to evaluate the potential of restoration and the costs associated.

Furniture that has had its structural integrity compromised from the fire damage might not be worth trying to save unless you’re ready to fully rebuild a portion of it. If the interior frame or furniture joinery are excessively damaged from a fire, it may end up being more cost-effective and safer to replace it.

A furniture restoration professional can not only help evaluate the extent of damage and determine whether or not specific furniture pieces are worth restoring, but they are also trained to properly clean all traces of fire damages (soot, smoke, and other residual leftovers from a fire) and can expertly restore your furniture.

There are specific polishes and cleaners that are designed to help restore fire damaged wood furniture to remove soot and smoke residues. Although certain household products may be able to do a satisfactory job at removing stains and smells from your fire damaged furniture, furniture restoration professionals will typically use strong oxidizing agents to help fully dissipate the smells.

Certain chemicals found in smoke can bind to the fibres of your furnitures and can char it – potentially causing permanent damage and staining.