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Furniture Refinishing vs. Furniture Restoration: What’s The Difference?

a dresser/drawer that benefited from a furniture restoration

Looking for ways to rejuvenate the look of your old wood furnishings and pieces?

Good wooden furniture is hard to come by, and we become especially fond of them as the years go by. All furniture will eventually suffer from a little wear and tear, but with the help of furniture refinishing and restoration, the pieces can go back to looking brand new. 

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they’re two very distinct processes. Both these techniques can extend the life of your furniture so that you’re able to enjoy them for years to come. 

Whether you have an antique dresser, kitchen cabinetry, or a set of wooden chairs, you can save thousands of dollars in replacements by restoring them to their original glory. 

What is Furniture Refinishing? 

When describing the finishing on a piece of furniture, it typically means the paint, shellac, and polyurethane that has been used to seal the wood. 

man refinishing wooden furniture

Furniture refinishing basically involves stripping the old finishing of the piece and applying a new colour or protective coat. In the case of wooden furniture, a chemical stripping agent is first used to peel off the outer layer, and then it gets sanded, blemished, and refinished. 

This process can return a heavily painted piece of wooden furniture back to a more natural state, change the stain colour, and give natural wood a crackle finish. 

Refinishing is usually a step in the restoration process, although many pieces don’t need to be fully restored to return back to their original state. If the wood finish is damaged beyond the point where simple refinishing could do the job, more extensive measures will be needed. 

What is Furniture Restoration? 

Restoring wooden furniture is a more profound process than refinishing, and can entail a lot of work. 

From replacing missing legs and sheets to gluing up new veneers, antique furniture can go back to looking new while also having its value increased due to its carefully renewed state. 

newly restored wooden cabinet

To have a successful restoration job, the same techniques and materials used by the original craftsman must be used. Working with an experienced woodworker will help ensure you receive the best results for your furniture. 

Depending on the amount of damage or blemishes inflicted upon the wooden furniture, the restoration process can take several weeks to be completed. However, the reward of having your antique pieces restored and looking even better than before makes the wait worth it. 

Furniture Refinishing and Restoration Services in Ottawa

If you have wood furniture that has been with you for years and has been built with quality, it’s worth hanging onto and restoring it to its original beauty. 

Whether you have a single piece of furniture that needs refinishing or need your entire kitchen restored, our expert craftsmen can help bring life back to your furniture.

We take the time to assess each piece before starting any repairs to determine the right course of action. Our professionals at Berube have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver superior results that reflect our quality craftsmanship. 
Reach out to us to learn more about our furniture repairs services and get a free no-obligation quote.


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