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Tables & Chairs Restored for Dining & Living Rooms

A lot of us have older items of furniture in homes, pieces like tables and chairs, that have stood up pretty well over time – but are beginning to look a little worn or dated. If a piece of furniture was well constructed and has years of life remaining, it’s often worth saving rather than getting rid of in favour of new furniture.

We can extended the life of your tables and chairs for living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms and other areas of the house. Our furniture experts in Ottawa do repairs, resurfacing, changing the colours, and much more!

Longer Life with Quality
Furniture Repair & Restoration

Get full value from the furniture you already own! You’ve made an investment in the pieces that adorn your home. With a little TLC through furniture repair and restoration, you can squeeze more years out of your existing tables, chairs, cabinetry and more.


Furniture Restoration and Repairs for a Fresh Look

From minor touch-ups and simple repairs to extensive restoration and more complicated furniture fixes, we have the experience, know-how and attention to detail to bring life back to your furniture.

Want to change the colour of a piece of furniture – or a whole set? We can make it happen, with painting and staining. Need repairs to restore full function and aesthetics? Our furniture expertise will come through. Talk to us today about how furniture repair and restoration in Ottawa can save you significant time and money by not having to buy new furniture!

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frequently asked questions

If you have a piece of wood furniture that is structurally sound but looks a little bit outdated, we think it’s worth hanging onto it and giving it new life. Wood stripping allows you to restore a piece of wooden furniture to give it a brand-new look and feel. Save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars on furniture by removing the product finish, bringing it back to its bare state, and working from a blank canvas to choose a new and fresh aesthetic.

Our team of professionals prefers to completely strip the finish from the furniture piece and follow up with a thorough sanding. This allows us to fully remove the finish and work with the natural wood to give the furniture the cleanest possible finish. With a combination of stripping and sanding we are able to restore your furniture to look, feel, and function like new!

A chemical stripper is used for removing varnish and paint from wooden furniture. When our team. works with chemical strippers, we make sure to have adequate ventilation and use safety precautions like eye protection and rubber gloves.

Stripping paint and varnish from an old wooden furniture piece is a delicate process. Most importantly, your workspace needs to be well-ventilated due to fine wood particles and the chemical odours from the stripping solvent.

There is a variety of formulas that we use for different types of projects. Depending on the size and shape of the furniture, we can use a gel (thick) formula, a liquid stripper, or an aerosol spray.

We start by applying a thick coat of stripper to the piece of wood in a horizontal position. Once applied, depending on the type of chemical stripper used, we make sure to allocate the appropriate amount of time before proceeded to the next step. The next step involves scraping the paint with a scraper tool or a putty knife – for tough spots, we suggest trying steel wool.

Once stripped and followed by sanding, your raw piece of furniture is ready to be painted and designed to your hearts desire.