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Get Your Dream Kitchen With Expert Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Are you looking to update your kitchen but don’t want to invest in all new kitchen cabinetry? We don’t blame you. That’s why we offer our kitchen cabinet painting services, so that you can still get your dream kitchen without spending a fortune.

We offer a wide variety of kitchen cabinet finishes, from matte to semi gloss, and with just about any colour you can think of. You can improve the look and feel of your kitchen without the expense of replacing your entire kitchen cabinetry! Our kitchen cabinet painting process is quick, simple, and we guarantee that you’ll love the results. 

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Looking to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Does your kitchen cabinetry look outdated or worn? Are you thinking about a full kitchen renovation? Before you overspend, talk to us about how our kitchen cabinet painting & refacing services can make your existing kitchen look brand new.

Just a Few Steps to Enjoy Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process

Our cabinet painting services lets your express your personality and update your kitchen without interfering with your day to day life. Our simple and efficient process for painting your kitchen cabinets involves:

  • Taking down cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware
  • Wiping down your cabinets
  • Sanding and priming for all built-ins, doors, & drawers
  • Adding two coats of premium paints with with a factory-like finish
  • Light sanding in between coats of paint
  • Cleaning and reinstallation of your cabinetry

The process doesn’t get much simpler. Our trained and experienced team of craftsmen and painters are here to help you get the finish for your kitchen that you’ve been looking for.


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frequently asked questions

Sanding your kitchen cabinets before painting them allows the paint to adhere better. This will help reduce chipping or deterioration of your kitchen cabinets long term. Of course, you don’t have to sand them, but the application will go smoother overall if you do.
This absolutely depends on personal preference. Many people choose to paint the insides because kitchen cabinets open and close so frequently. Painting both the inside and outside ensures the overall look is clean and consistent.
Oil-based paint, latex paint, and alkyd paints are all common paints used for kitchen cabinets. Depending on the material of your kitchen cabinets, this can determine which paint might work best. Alkyd paints can provide a beautiful and professional-looking finish but are more difficult to apply and clean up compared to latex paints. Many DIY kitchen cabinet paint jobs use latex paint. Latex paints are quick-drying while offering up the same durability for cleaning and scrubbing as Alkyd paint.

Much like sanding your cabinets, this can be a tedious but recommended practice. Fully removing your kitchen cabinet doors to complete a painting job allows for an easier and more professional-looking application. Removing them from the hinges gives you access to your kitchen cabinet doors at every angle and can prevent drips during the application process. 

This can vary widely depending on the size of your kitchen cabinets, the material of your kitchen cabinets, and the quality of the paint chosen. At Berube Kitchen & Furniture Restoration, we can provide a free no-obligation quote for our high-quality and trusted services in Ottawa. Contact Berube today to get started!

Re-painting kitchen cabinets will always be less expensive than fully replacing them. Getting your kitchen cabinets painted is a great way to give your kitchen a completely new refreshed look while staying affordable.