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Professional Furniture Repair Services in Ottawa

Let’s face it, accidents happen.Throughout its lifetime, it’s inevitable that your furniture will be subjected to dents, chips, scratches and breakage. However, it doesn’t mean that your furniture has to have its best day behind it. With professional furniture repair services, your furniture can be made to look and feel like new. Some of our furniture repair services include:

  • Reupholstery
  • Structural Repairs
  • Colour Matching
  • Resurfacing
  • Structural Replacements
  • And more!

At Berube Workshop, we take great pride in providing a wide range of expert furniture repair and restoration services. Contact us today to find out how we can restore and rejuvenate your damaged furniture!

We Can Strip &
Refinish Virtually Any
Wood Pieces

No matter what kind of furniture or fixtures you have in mind, chances are we’ll be able to bring those pieces back to life with expert wood stripping and refinishing. We do our utmost to keep your costs down and to deliver full value. Talk to Berube today about how we can help.

Repairing vs. Restoring Furniture

Furniture Repair vs. Furniture Restoration

On top of providing function to your space, the right furniture can also add a visual aesthetic that can transform your entire home. So when should you choose to repair or restore your furniture?

Repairing furniture means bringing back the functional aspect of your furniture, while restoring furniture is used to make your furniture look completely new or different. Restoration is helpful when your furniture has lost its charm and could use a facelift. 

At Berube Workshop, we offer comprehensive furniture repair and restoration services. Whether you want to restore function, beautify your furniture, or both, our team of craftsmen can get the job done.

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