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Maintain Your Furniture with Reupholstery & Repair

Thinking of buying new seating? A brand new sofa, loveseat or set of chairs could really set you back. Is it necessary? What if you have quality furniture that just needs some TLC? Our furniture repair and reupholstery can help with your home’s sofas, chairs and more – at a fraction of the cost of buying new!

Sofas, loveseats, chairs and other furniture can become threadbare, worn or torn over time. Often we are able to save the upholstery or leather that is in place with some fairly simple and cost-effective repairs. Sometimes seating needs a re-upholstery due to wear and tea – or, even if it’s in good shape, you may simply desire a new look and feel. We take your desire and turn it into reality.

Give Your Seating a Fresh Look & Feel with New Upholstery

Got seating such as sofas, loveseats or chairs that a crying out for a new look? Avoid the cost of buying new furniture and take advantage of the durably-constructed pieces you already have. Our skills and experience help deliver new upholstery on your existing seating to produce a brand-new look and feel. Find out more today!


Updating Upholstery for Better Seating & Aesthetics

If you’ve lived in the same home for many years, or you’ve transported furniture from one home to the next, you may have sofas, loveseats, chairs or other pieces that are looking pretty worn. For both aesthetics and function, updating your upholstery could be just what the furniture doctor ordered.

We’ll help you select leather or fabric that will suit your design and colour preferences and that will hold up well over time. Then we’ll get to work re-upholstering your furniture to give your seating a whole new look and feel. Talk to us today about how we can help.

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Professional Ottawa Furniture Reupholstery

Benefits of Furniture Reupholstery

There are many benefits to reupholstering your furniture, including:

Saving Money – Save money on buying new factory-made furniture that won’t possess that same unique style and design.

Preserving Timeless Design – It’s hard to find furniture with the same attention to detail like they used to make. Keep the same beautiful style with a facelift to make it look and feel like new.

Changing Decor – If you’re redecorating a room and need furniture to match, you can keep your existing furniture and match the style to create a consistent theme.

Protecting Sentimental Value – For those furniture pieces that have sentimental value but have seen better days, reupholstery is the perfect solution. 


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Furniture Repair & Restoration

frequently asked questions

The term upholstery describes the type of fabric and padding that make up the coverings of chairs, sofas, and other types of furniture. To upholster a piece of furniture refers to the physical act of stuffing or covering furniture with padding, fabrics, and cushioning .

The process of reupholstery is used to remove old fabrics and covering off of furniture and replace it with new material to revive an older piece of furniture. When the structural foundation of your furniture is completely intact but the exterior is worn, damaged, or stained, reupholstery is a great alternative to reuse that piece of furniture and to give it new life. You can choose to stick with the same style or you can choose a completely new aesthetic for your furniture piece.

Reupholstering a couch can take anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day. It can also take up to several weeks depending on the design, the type of material, and the size of the furniture piece. 

Keep in mind that how long it takes to reupholstery furniture can vary significantly. Our expert reupholsters can provide you with an estimate after evaluating your furniture. Contact us today for a quote!

It depends. Reupholstering is often the solution that requires less time, money, and hassle – especially if it’s in good condition.

If you want a different sized piece of furniture and your current furniture is in poor condition, then it might be in your best interest to buy some new furniture.

Furniture with quality fabric can last anywhere from 7-15 years. Leather sofas can also last considerably longer than fabric sofas.

If you experience “sinking in”, fraying, and hear creaking when using your furniture, it might be time to consider getting it replaced. The longest lasting and the most durable type of material for furniture is synthetic microfibre. It is tightly woven and provides a powerful layer of protection for your furniture.



Yes. If the existing fabric on your furniture isn’t darker than the new fabric, then you can reupholster right over the existing material.

A combination of vinyl or acrylic coated polyester and 100% cotton are the best fabric options for outdoor furniture. These materials are very waterproof and are able to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperatures.